Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stars De Dallas

All of you who say "OMG, let me know when you play in town, I wanna come watch!!!!." well here's your chance. Dallas Stars u-18 AAA welcomes to town the Buffalo Saints for a 3 game set at Stars home rink in Farmers branch. Game times are as follows: Friday 3:30 pm..saturday 1:00 pm(come to this one)... Sunday 9:45 AM.. all games take place at Starcenter, Farmers Branch, located at I-35 and Valley View.... Very easy to locate. Go ahead and come.

Look forward to exciting/humourous post tommorow!

Monday, October 17, 2005


First off I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have received lots of e-mail in anticipation of the next entry. well here it is.

USAS: I would like to start with a condition I feel is spreading throughout the country, especially in our youths. The condition is what I like to call; Undeserved Sense of Accomplishment Syndrome. Yes, you have most likely witnessed cases on an everyday basis, at school, on TV, etc. This syndrome can be diagnosed when a person acts as though they have actually done something to deserve fan-fare or accolades. Example; Kevin Federline.Originally pointed out on Family Guy, Kevin is the first person to be legally diagnosed with the disease. The guy is a complete faggot, what a jokeshow, honestly. What has this guy ever done aside from marrying a semi-washed up, used-to-be-hot, fat, white trash, non-celebrity. Yet, he walks around acting like he is 'the balls'. WHY? Everyone thinks you are a D-bag(that word is to controversial to spell out), so why do you feel the need to act hard?
Case 2: Roy Williams-Dallas Cowboys; This guy makes me want to vomit everytime I see him stand over an opposing receiver, taunting him.....Even though that receiver DID hang on to the ball, DID get the first down, and IS beating Dallas. What the hell is with his pass coverage? If Pat Green lined up as a wideout for Chicago, and he was Roy Williams' responsibility, I don't doubt he could rack up 10 catches and 150 yards. Yet Roy acts like he is a game-changer. The only part of the game he changes is the fact that he creates an advantage for whomever Dallas is playing. I effing hate him. What a spare, and a HUGE case of USAS
Final example of tonight; Generic high school students; You know this guy, the one that always comes up to you and asks, "Hey, bro, what did you do this weekend?" but he really doesn't care, he is only awaiting your reciprocal response so he can say "Me and my bros got fuckin shit-faced and set some shit on fire." the same guy that says "Ya dude, I'm just gonna go to community college dude, college is worthless, my brother didn't go to college and he's pullin 50 G's down at the detail shop." These people have no aspirations, yet they feel that people that have them are the ones wasting their time. These people feel they are so genius for opting the no-college route. "How does everyone not see that high school education is all you need...Man am I smart!"

that's all for now, be on the look out for people with USAS