Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Hot Topics

Let me start out by saying this us an intense tragedy, obviously. Could it have been avoided, no. Could the devasation have been mitigated, absolutely. Now before you go blaming the Bush administration for causing the hurricane itself, know that there are many other factors involved in the blowing of the response to the 'cane. The governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, didn't order federal troops/aid until almost 3 days after landfall(mistake 1). The US government,(yes, president Bush) didn't have National Guardsmen standing ready to pounce on the situation, (Mistake 2). Federal funding has been cut to disaster organizations like FEMA, making it more reliant on the American people (Mistake 3). Those are all mistakes, but they stem from one thing; Rules and protocol. Rules are simply made for stupid people who can't think for themselves, and because of procedures that had to be followed, thousands of people died. I don't want to get too much into what I think about rules, because it is going to be my next blog topic-look for it. What I will do is say how disgusted I am with the world. Remember the Tsunami in Indonesia not far back? Remember how the Americans, and the American people opened their wallets to help them? Well, it's interesting how quick we are to help others in there time of need, when, if we need the same help, everyone else is suddenly broke. Fuck them. We always complain about how the government is so far in debt from lucrative spending (i.e. relief for third world countries who soak up our relief, but would like nothing more than to torch our flag), Here's a way to cut back. Only give a damn about ourselves. Its what our founding fathers wanted for this country, and its what we should resort to now; isolationism. The world wants us to stay out of it's business, well here they go. Need help? dont ask the United States, you can fend for yourselves now. Africa? hey, that AIDS problem sucks, glad we don't have it. Indonesia? Nice tsunami, good luck recovering from it, we have our shit to deal with now. Also, please next time there is a hurricane predicted to wipe out a city below sea level; please get the hell out. I know you live in the projects, but just find a way, we don't spend all that money on state-of-the-art meteorology equipment just to see half a city urinate on it. About the National Guardsmen though, who would have thought they would be needed for anything other than rescuing? Now, we need them just to keep people from raping little girls, and stealing XBox's. let alone actually save a life. These animals should be shot dead on the spot. Steal all the food you want to survive, its necessary, but the second you are caught with an Ipod that doesn't belong to you, you are gunned down and left for the water moccasins. I know what a few are thinking. "Animals, you just mean blacks, you are racist, Kanye West is right, white people suck!" No I don't mean that, I mean anyone who loots and rapes(not necessarily in that order). Because it happens to be a higher percentage of blacks isn't my fault, and it isn't the government's, or the media's fault either. What to do with the city? there is so much that is destroyed, it will never be back to what it was, but do we really want it back to what it was? A city of drunken fornication, with ghettos, trailer parks, people that can't decide if they are French or redneck? We should rebuild only the French Quarter, which is not in the wetlands, move the Saints to San Antonio, the Hornets to Las Vegas, and call it even. After all, hardly any of the citizens will move back anyways, now most are in Texas, they realize how sick it is here, and certainly wouldn't want to go back now.
One final thought: I think the hurricane naming system should be changed. We should now wait until after the effects have been seen to name the 'cane, thus eliminating any confusion over the intensity of a storm named after some school boy bitch. i.e. "Katrina" would be renamed "Hurricane watch the fuck out." or "Hurricane God's wrath for the lack of decency and morals in your city" and lesser storms something like "Hurricane No Big Deal." or "Hurricane Punk Rock."

I know I have left out a lot of items on which I would like to comment, but I simply don't have the time or will to continue. Please feel free to continue commenting on the blog... no registration required.


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Yost for president

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hurricane punk rock

hahaha that kills me.


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