Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This just in; Fuel is effing expensive. And, despite what the liberals want to tell you, you certainly do have a right to bitch. Some people will issue the following statement: "well, in Europe gas is far more expensive than here in the states,
and Europe is so much more advanced than us, we should just accept it." After hearing this statement, one should search for the nearest
rubber hose, and proceed to beat the life out of whomever uttered that venom. The thing is, We Aren't Europe. The cultures vary so much that it truly is two different worlds.
Don't get me wrong, I am a Europe fan, however we are just different. They allow uncensored animal sex to be shown during primetime television to 4 year old kids, we get upset if
a breast is accidentally exposed for .23 seconds. Nothing bothers me more than the pseudo-Euro. You know who these people are. These people are the ones that will always issue statements like
"Well in Europe, they applaud abortion.", and "well, on every street corner in Europe they hand out marijuana and X." They've never even been out of the state, but they are experts on how much sweeter
every other part of the world is than the U.S. Fuck those people. These are the same people that would say "Europe is so great because it is so culturally acceptable." So culturally acceptable? Here is an example of how culturally
acceptable they are; a new law has been passed to allow elementary school kids to use the 'f-word' up to 5 times per school day. Elementary school kids? You guys are fucking nuts. Gas needs to come down soon. I plan to drive my truck,
I hope everyone continues to drive the SUV of their choice, because it is our right as an American and a human being to waste as much as we want.


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