Friday, August 26, 2005

Vail Vittles

Its a comfortable 70 degrees here in God's country (Vail, CO). The weather is probably what has put me in such a great mood. Although I am in a good mood, I have to talk briefly about Public school part 2. Someone said to me the other day, "Public school is just as good as private school, why do private school kids act so high and mighty?" Well I don't know too much about how private schools run their business, but I am certain it isn't as bush as the public school system. Let me preface by stating that I don't mean that public school is 'where it's at', they are just getting a few things right, and I feel like commenting. Private schools don't have to worry about leaving kids behind, most kids there are motivated students; This is a stark contrast to Public schools who must water down the curriculum to allow Juan and Julio to keep up. Public schools are also interested only in numbers. How many people pass this standardized test, how many people have perfect attendence, etc. They receive money for those things, so naturally they focus only on getting kids in class, and passing the standardized tests. Students are allowed no room to explore life, and education, they are forced to learn meaningless numbers and statistics, and miss out on great things in life so as to not be counted as truant. Eff the system, I am going to go play hockey, then white water raft


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