Friday, August 05, 2005

Suggestions?/ Quick Hits

The Blog enjoys an intense number of readers, and that number is growing every day, thanks in part to readers like you. Feel free to continue to let others know about the blog by way of mouth/aim/etc.

Also, something bugging you? Go through some kind of situation that really set you off, but you don't really have a way of conveying your message? Get in touch with me via whatever means necessary, and I will certainly consider executing a piece on the matter.

Quick Hits Just a small segment where I voice my take on certain issues, no explanation needed; I said it, so that should be good enough for you

TO is wrong for holding out
Hines Ward is right in holding out
Congress should stay out of sports issues
The media is the ONLY thing holding back the NHL from exploding into a huge phenomenon
High school hockey in Texas is a joke, anyone who says "I play varsity for..." is most likely not an effective player
I hate Tom Cruise
I (insert any word opposite of hate here) Scarlett Johansson
There shouldn't be political parties, just individuals, and 'Americans'
If anyone is wondering what a 'perfect' being looks like, Maria Sharapova is the closest thing
Presidents don't fight the war because they are the fucking president
Native Americans can fuck themselves (more to come on this topic)


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