Wednesday, August 10, 2005

School Musings

So school is here causing everyone to ask the question, "why, why is it neccesary?" Well the answer is, it isn't. School, the way it is now taught is beneficial only to achieve a sort of 'pass' to college. No sort of knowledge retention is required, The level of education has been dumbed down to a level so so even the ethnics can ace the tests, and the information learned is less crucial for us in every day life than a Jordan throwback is to a duck hunt. Being forced to remember dates, and names, but not being forced to truly even understand what was accomplished, or who accomplished it is the wrong way to go about learning.

Robin Hood is to be taken off the table, and thank the good lord it's finally happening. How tired I am of hearing that Duncanville got new laptops, and Grand Prarie built a new football stadium, while over here in Plano and Highland Park, The success of their parents forces students to print out their own calendars, and pay 75$ for parking. Meanwhile, Jamal and Manuel have new Apple Ipod's to keep them busy before their football game in which they will be wearing the latest in protection technology from Schutt, and Nike.

I Hate Emo kids. Thats all, I just fucking hate 'em


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