Monday, August 01, 2005

Raffy, say it ain't so

So Rafael Palmeiro was suspended today for steroid use. Raffy issued this gem today; "I never intentionally used steroids. Never." How many people believe him? Of all the people in professional baseball, I would say that Raffy would be the last person I would suspect of using performance enhancing drugs. But now this begs the question; "If Raffy's doin it, then who else?" This leads me to believe that maybe Jose Canseco isn't so nuts after all. In his book he pointed out Palmeiro, among many other players, used steroids. At first it was dismissed. "This guys nuts, there's no way all these guys are juicing." Now after Raffy has been found guilty, we think everyone's doing it. The question know is, do we even care? I care a little, it seems to tarnish a players' legacy when you know they were cheating for possibly their entire career. But I don't care enough to quit watching the game thats for sure. See, I and many Americans like watching big men crush the ball 500 feet. Quite honestly, as long as I don't know everyone's doing it- I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. If we were given the laundry list of names of players who do, or have used roids, we'd probably be really disappointed, and quit watching. But what we don't know can't hurt right? The media makes it out to be a huge story that all the fans are offended by, but I disagree. I know it is a huge story, especially with someone like Raffy who just collected his 3,000th hit, but am I going to really despise Raffy now, absolutely not. Steroids are different than cocaine/marijuana etc. Those drugs are viewed as inhibitors to a player's performance, while steroids are most certainly facilitators. I think the average fan just looks at it as cheating, yes- but also a way of getting a leg up on the competition, which is why it isn't exactly acceptable, but not appalling.

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