Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Public intoxication

Welcome to part one of two on the topic of Public School Shenanigans

If I hear one more spare, liberal non-athlete complain about the money sports teams get, I will go all types of insane, and literally chop my right hand off. Every school day, some jokes kid wearing a tee with some kind of FUCKING absurd phrase-i.e. "Define Girlfriend"- spouts some venom about how they have to print something out at home for English while the football team gets "all that stuff." Exactly what "stuff" are you talking about? These guys are lucky to get a polo to wear around school, not to mention they have to bus to their games in a yellow school bus like little middle schoolers. School sports are what drive the spirit and atmosphere at school. No one gives a damn if you are first chair in the school band, no one cares if you are in some lame-ass organization, they care about Plano beating Rowlett Friday at Clark stadium. Sorry that you could never make the team, and you never get any recognition around the school, but that is who you are. Don't be bitter at the football players for leading successful lives, or the club hockey players for getting to travel almost every weekend to every stretch of the globe; be mad at your parents for giving you bush-league genes. If not for Robin Hood, maybe our teams could get what they deserve like some extra apparel, and maybe a charter bus. As usual, Little Elm rides in their charter buses, sports team track suits on game days, and team apparel on other days, while Plano boys are lucky to get a pancake breakfast every now and again. I cry fowl. More money to sports teams, and less money to French Club.

Look for part two, "Edgeoocashun" in the next edition of the blog


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