Sunday, August 14, 2005

Native American Neverland

As many of you have probably noticed, I hate a few things. Not to the point that I get beside myself, but maybe to the point of placing toothpicks under fingernails to get my mind off the hatred. Main things I hate include but are not limited to; Stella, MTV, Emo kids, baggy jeans, tight jeans (exception, jason), but now I get to perhaps my number one; Native Americans. Or as I like to call them, the country's greatest con artists. First of all, anyone born here in America should be considered 'native' to the land, no? Yet somehow these ill-tempered, pseudo environmentally conscious faggots are the only ones with that label. Then we have the liberals, who celebrate the indigenous peoples as if they were a living, breathing version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet." "They are so in tune with nature." "They are so kind and thoughtful." "they are always peaceful." Well they are in tune with nature partly because they haven't fully evolved into intelligent beings as of yet. They are certainly not kind, ever been through a part of Indian territory in today's United States? You will be lucky to get out with your leg, let alone your wallet and Ipod. And peaceful? tell that to the settlers with their scalps nailed to a post somewhere west of Muskogee.
Back to the Indian territories. Stumble upon one and what will you find? Bars, a dirt casino, whores, and if your their on the right day, probably a kid hanging from a light pole with his belt. A study of one reservation showed that 30% of teens aged 14-19 had attempted or seriously thought about suicide, couple this with the fact that out of every 100,000 Natives, about 40 will kill themselves, and one starts to realize how ridiculous this whole culture is. and come to think of it, who wouldn't at least think about it? you live i a tent, around dirty people, have no goals in life, and you get offended when you see even the smallest version of the tomahawk chop on tv. Which is a nice segue into the next point. Why get offended at a team called the Braves? all it does it actually make your culture seem powerful and strong. Maybe instead we could call a team the 'Drunken whinny bitches on a one way path to hell' that would be more representative of your culture, and maybe then you wouldn't be so offended. You don't see the King community up in arms over the team names in LA, and Sacramento. And I have never met a Cowboy bitter towards Dallas, or Wyoming. But yet, and an effort to draw sympathy from the queer liberals, we see the Native Americans (who are probably just pissed that they don't have any good athletes) outraged at a team named the "Seminoles."
Last thing now. If I hear one more time that we took their land, I will simply murder the person spewing such idiocy. They weren't even using it, they were subsistence farming it, and if not for us, NYC would be a goat pasture. They (like the Africans) when left alone can not function for themselves, as usual the WASP must come in and do everyone's thinking, building roads, schools for education, markets for food, etc. Shouldn't have put up such a fight, when the English came over. And for people that feel sad they were massacred; I feel sorry too, but thats just the time period, every man was trying to get the best for his family and people, they had to fight for themselves to find a place to live. And if that meant killing some people that were already firing arrows in their direction.... you probably had to do it. I know I tried to fit too much stuff into one, and wrote this stream of consciousness, but thats kinda the deal, if you take issue with anything, I will be happy to clarify.


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