Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jean Jambalaya

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Quick hit: Look tommorow for a great post concerning native americans. sure to be explosive and controversial!
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The newest show to achieve greatness: Over There- FX.... Check it out

Now, jeans. oh jeans. Why oh why do men consist on wearing jeans that 1.) hang off the ass, and could fit three skinny Nigerian legs inside just one jean leg. or 2) are so tight that the outline of their 'guy' is evident for everyone to see and judge. Baggy jeans-Bitch, I will kill you, and then I will steal your pot and sell it, buying an aluminum bat with the profit, I will then find you again, and beat the shit out of your dead carcass. tight jeans- Fucking queer, I don't care if "My Chemical Romance" is playing Trees tonight, you aren't going to make it, your so gay, lets see how you like this ethnic D up inside you. Jeans should fit comfortably on the waist, snug on the quad's and loose on the lower leg. And girls, Please, if you can't fill out the jean, don't wear it. I don't want to see some kind of baggy look in the glute and hamstring. please buy a pair of jeans that fit. tight jeans are for girls, not pussy emo guys
And girls.


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