Saturday, August 20, 2005

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I tried to come up with a clever pun involving both 'Warped Tour' and 'War protestors'....I couldn't come up with anything, so that's what I went with.

Look in a thesaurus under 'Cindy Sheehan' and you will find synonyms like "bitch", "whore", "nutjob", and "extremist." In case you missed it, Cindy is the completely worthless human being holding a 'vigil'(aka liberal/hippie/pot-smoking/anti-war rally) outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford. Why is she holding the protest? Her honorable son was killed in Iraq, and she demands to speak with Bush about the war..........Again. There's the kicker. President Bush will meet with parents of any soldier upon request-which he has already done with Ms. Sheehan. Well now she wants another meeting, and has gone insane. Her husband divorced her, her family is distancing from her, and I would bet her late son is even a little disappointed in his mom as he watches from a better place. She is now not only disgracing herself, her president, and her country; but also her son, and all other service men and women in America. Say what you want about this war to your friends and family, but protesting publicly is not the answer. During a war effort, intense protesting only hurts our troops, and the country's moral. Let alone boosting the opponent. I am so fucking tired of liberals trashing the country, what we stand for, and the president. Again, say what you want, as long as it is respectful, and in good taste. and please make sure you are educated on the subject. Dont be like Eminem, and System of a Down, and shout nonsensical phrases about the President and our country. I would like nothing more than to see a brief quiz directed at the artists in System of a Down, regarding current events, and foreign policy. They don't know shit about life, and neither do the people who follow their ideals.


Why this political tirade? Well I'm glad you asked, while in the gym,after being courted by a gay man(see next edition of gyminutes) during a set of Lat pull-downs, I found myself rudely interrupted by some fucking queer in Under Armour tight gear (look forward to next edition of gyminutes) chatting with his little bitch friend about the war. "I went to the protest," Queer said, "It's great to show our troops that we, too don't approve of the war." With that, I clanged my weight down, went over and said "Excuse me for listening in, sir. But did I hear you say it is best that the troops think we don't approve of the war effort?" Queer-"Yes, because they will realize that we too think the war is being fought on a faulty premise." At this point I was so furious I didn't know whether to just fucking kill the guy, or let him know his flawed logic, so I simply told him in a nice manner that I didn't share his idea. Me-"Sir, if the troops think no one is behind the war, they will lose all fight, they'll quit, and every other soldier that has died will have done so in vein." "please think before you have another idea like that" Long story short, if you are just going to spew mindless liberal venom- Keep your fucking mouth shut.

Note: sorry for the lack of humor in this post.. I was upset, and needed to vent

Thanks for reading!


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