Monday, August 08, 2005

Hell- where most people are headed

I haven't checked the latest census from Hell, but I assume that the ol prince of darkness is starting to run out of room in his barracks. In the past months, I have witnessed some of the dirtiest, immoral, inhumane acts that I have ever seen. They make me embarassed to be a part of the human race. I'm not going to delve into too much detail but for example one incident involves 2 men, a girl, a pool, and a floating raft, while another involved 5 men, one girl, a shower, and a boatload of tears. Why you ask would men do such a thing? Well I contest many do things like that only because they have no choice, they know it's wrong, but they are also wired to think that they must do it. It's a sort of 'King of the Jungle' mentality. 'I VERBED her while she was VERBING Gino's REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN, then we both VERBED her while she was VERBING... etc' then another guy hears this and feels as though he must top it. It's an awful, cycle which undoubtedly will lead to the end of the world, and when God comes down, it appears to me he won't have enough people to ride all the white horses which he will bring, because Satan will have already claimed most of our population for his own club. The worst part about this though is the girls. which gets me to my main point. Most girls are not mature enough to be out of the sight of their parents or guardians for more than 10 minutes, they cant protect themselves or think for themselves. Look, guys will do anything to be able to 'get with girls' it's in their nature. It is your job, (if you don't want to be treated as trash) to act as though you are a decent human being. Don't complain about some guys when you come over to some place hoping to get blasted by 4 different guys. Its terrible. Now for those of you that have already thrown away the opportunity to be a quality, clean somewhat pure individual, don't worry about this; you can't go back now, you are dirt and I feel sorry for your future husband. However for those of you that haven't sold your soul, know this; go ahead and 'eff', it should happen... but maybe keep it to one if not two others. However, openly inviting 3 other guys to join you, and violate your very morality is your own fault, and I hope you feel like a dirty no good worthless garbage slutwhorebagbitch when you do it. I think Satan is looking at expanding his property anyways, I am sure he can find room for you. And Just think when you are a little older, and you can actually think for yourself, you have totally wasted away all of any innocence you had, now, you are a pawn in all of man's game of chess, you have lost the battle after not putting up a fight. Your parents think they brought you up right, and they probably did, but if they only knew what a sorry excuse for a daughter you have become. You still call your father "daddy" and your mother "mommy".. And by day you still hug your father and thank your mom for making you lunch, but by night, the inhibitions are lowered and you are just looking to get railed by 3, 4 maybe 5 guys. I hate writing this cause most guys will think I am a pussy, and most girls will get offended. To the guys: It wont change anything, and I'm not screwing anything up for you, I'm just trying t provide some sense of morality, and give these girls something to think about the next time they kiss their grandmother with the same lips inside which were 3 D's the night before. And girls: If this doesn't apply then congratulations, but if it does apply I am sure you'll go on doing the same thing... which is fine- Satan will never close his doors, and many guys will always accept whores.


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