Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Road Rage Ranting

So I had a nice blog idea all set up.... Then something happened on the way home that changed my mind on tonight's topic. I am on my way to dinner at a local establishment when the quandary began. I am making my attempt to execute a right turn into the parking lot, via the central expressway service road. Unfortunately, a generic blue-haired older woman in a Crown Vic is taking up the entire inlet due to her poor judgment. By this time I had already committed to the turn, and was half way in. Now, as most people know... My truck doesn't lack in size, and at this point, I am stuck. My turn signal is on, but I have no choice but to wait for grandma Jo to get out onto the service road. Now I have the utmost respect for the elderly, so I simply accepted her wave and allowed her to be on her way. However, the woman behind me in her bitch Honda civic had other ideas; here is where the fun begins. She begins by literally LAYING on her horn while I am stuck in my position. This really upsets me, but this doesn't push my internal alarm button, as I give her a simple "sorry, nothing I can do" gesture. This apparently isn't enough for this likely fat, likely poor and likely atheist woman. Now I saw these things about her not really knowing for sure, but anyone who would CONTINUE to blare her horn in this situation must meet one if not all the criterion. At this point she finally found my button, she pressed it, and I reacted- blasting her with an intense middle finger look, coupled with a look around angry face. Old lady finally gets back onto the roadway, and I am allowed to enter the premises. To my surprise, the most likely liberal woman follows me into the parking lot, and parks behind me. She gets out of her car and comes up to my window.By the way, she turns out to be fat, ugly, and obviously unsuccessful at life. She starts by knocking, big mistake. Here is the conversation.
-knocks on window hard-
Her: Lets.....
Me;"First of all, lets start by saying if you touch my car again, i'll get out, pick up your little civic and beat you with it, now. whats your problem?
her:you almost caused a huge accident, and then you gave me the finger!
Me: you deserved more than that, nobody, especially some woman in a civic disrespects me on the roadway like that. Did you not see the reason I couldn't get into the parking lot?
her: well you should have your license taken away for driving like that. Kids like you shouldn't be allowed to drive!
Me;Well I think people as fat as you shouldn't be allowed to drive, so looks like we both have our thoughts.
Her; you disgust me, I am writing down your license number and reporting you to the police!
Me, good, I hope one pulls me over and asks me about it so I can explain what an obnoxious BITCH you are, and how inconsiderate you are, good nite (rolls up window)

Much to my delight as she drove away what did I notice on her bumper? A Kerry/Edwards, 04 sticker. looks like my pegging of her was right on.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Vail Vittles

Its a comfortable 70 degrees here in God's country (Vail, CO). The weather is probably what has put me in such a great mood. Although I am in a good mood, I have to talk briefly about Public school part 2. Someone said to me the other day, "Public school is just as good as private school, why do private school kids act so high and mighty?" Well I don't know too much about how private schools run their business, but I am certain it isn't as bush as the public school system. Let me preface by stating that I don't mean that public school is 'where it's at', they are just getting a few things right, and I feel like commenting. Private schools don't have to worry about leaving kids behind, most kids there are motivated students; This is a stark contrast to Public schools who must water down the curriculum to allow Juan and Julio to keep up. Public schools are also interested only in numbers. How many people pass this standardized test, how many people have perfect attendence, etc. They receive money for those things, so naturally they focus only on getting kids in class, and passing the standardized tests. Students are allowed no room to explore life, and education, they are forced to learn meaningless numbers and statistics, and miss out on great things in life so as to not be counted as truant. Eff the system, I am going to go play hockey, then white water raft


If you're having a bad day, this should brighten it up a bit. Starting in the next couple days, you will not only be able to read the blog, now you will be able to hear it. Jay Why Audio will be launched within the next 3 days. When it is, all you will have to do to hear and feel the blog intensity is click on the day's audio. Don't like to read? no problem, now simply listen in as Jay Why speaks out about life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Public intoxication

Welcome to part one of two on the topic of Public School Shenanigans

If I hear one more spare, liberal non-athlete complain about the money sports teams get, I will go all types of insane, and literally chop my right hand off. Every school day, some jokes kid wearing a tee with some kind of FUCKING absurd phrase-i.e. "Define Girlfriend"- spouts some venom about how they have to print something out at home for English while the football team gets "all that stuff." Exactly what "stuff" are you talking about? These guys are lucky to get a polo to wear around school, not to mention they have to bus to their games in a yellow school bus like little middle schoolers. School sports are what drive the spirit and atmosphere at school. No one gives a damn if you are first chair in the school band, no one cares if you are in some lame-ass organization, they care about Plano beating Rowlett Friday at Clark stadium. Sorry that you could never make the team, and you never get any recognition around the school, but that is who you are. Don't be bitter at the football players for leading successful lives, or the club hockey players for getting to travel almost every weekend to every stretch of the globe; be mad at your parents for giving you bush-league genes. If not for Robin Hood, maybe our teams could get what they deserve like some extra apparel, and maybe a charter bus. As usual, Little Elm rides in their charter buses, sports team track suits on game days, and team apparel on other days, while Plano boys are lucky to get a pancake breakfast every now and again. I cry fowl. More money to sports teams, and less money to French Club.

Look for part two, "Edgeoocashun" in the next edition of the blog

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hate me?

are you one of the many who hate me, and my views? Chances are you are liberal and/or unintelligent. If you do disagree with me, however, feel free to rip into me at sportsfitnessetc@hotmail.com also....... if you agree with me, please feel free to send me a line!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Insert generic title here

I tried to come up with a clever pun involving both 'Warped Tour' and 'War protestors'....I couldn't come up with anything, so that's what I went with.

Look in a thesaurus under 'Cindy Sheehan' and you will find synonyms like "bitch", "whore", "nutjob", and "extremist." In case you missed it, Cindy is the completely worthless human being holding a 'vigil'(aka liberal/hippie/pot-smoking/anti-war rally) outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford. Why is she holding the protest? Her honorable son was killed in Iraq, and she demands to speak with Bush about the war..........Again. There's the kicker. President Bush will meet with parents of any soldier upon request-which he has already done with Ms. Sheehan. Well now she wants another meeting, and has gone insane. Her husband divorced her, her family is distancing from her, and I would bet her late son is even a little disappointed in his mom as he watches from a better place. She is now not only disgracing herself, her president, and her country; but also her son, and all other service men and women in America. Say what you want about this war to your friends and family, but protesting publicly is not the answer. During a war effort, intense protesting only hurts our troops, and the country's moral. Let alone boosting the opponent. I am so fucking tired of liberals trashing the country, what we stand for, and the president. Again, say what you want, as long as it is respectful, and in good taste. and please make sure you are educated on the subject. Dont be like Eminem, and System of a Down, and shout nonsensical phrases about the President and our country. I would like nothing more than to see a brief quiz directed at the artists in System of a Down, regarding current events, and foreign policy. They don't know shit about life, and neither do the people who follow their ideals.


Why this political tirade? Well I'm glad you asked, while in the gym,after being courted by a gay man(see next edition of gyminutes) during a set of Lat pull-downs, I found myself rudely interrupted by some fucking queer in Under Armour tight gear (look forward to next edition of gyminutes) chatting with his little bitch friend about the war. "I went to the protest," Queer said, "It's great to show our troops that we, too don't approve of the war." With that, I clanged my weight down, went over and said "Excuse me for listening in, sir. But did I hear you say it is best that the troops think we don't approve of the war effort?" Queer-"Yes, because they will realize that we too think the war is being fought on a faulty premise." At this point I was so furious I didn't know whether to just fucking kill the guy, or let him know his flawed logic, so I simply told him in a nice manner that I didn't share his idea. Me-"Sir, if the troops think no one is behind the war, they will lose all fight, they'll quit, and every other soldier that has died will have done so in vein." "please think before you have another idea like that" Long story short, if you are just going to spew mindless liberal venom- Keep your fucking mouth shut.

Note: sorry for the lack of humor in this post.. I was upset, and needed to vent

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Back by popular demand I give you, Gyminutes.

Lesbians. Wow, There is nothing I hate more than lesbians. I know what men are thinking at this point; "But Jay Why, haven't you seen the movie "Assaconda" where those two chicks are goin at it...etc." My answer to you is, when in real life are lesbians good looking? I have done some unscientific research to find out that only 1% of lesbians would be considered "hot" by most average standards. With this stat in mind, I digress, giving you "two fat lesbian women sporting buzz cuts and TIGHT WORKOUT GEAR." If there is anything worse than the scene two nights ago at the gym, I don't know what it could be. A dyke two-pack doing legs right next to me. They promptly spot each other inappropriately, using 'hand on glute and inner thigh' methods, then segue directly into the 'pointing out good looking girls in the gym' phase. I do what I can to avoid confrontation (ha), so I look left and right, frantically attempting another male gym goer with which to make 'i feel ya bro' eye contact. You know, when you hear or see something absurd, so you look around to make that eye contact with someone else who agrees with you re: the absurdity of the situation. I found it in a local black man, we made eye contact, I was able to read him perfectly as his facial expression clearly stated: "damn, fool, that shit is whack." I quickly gave him a "meet me over by the water fountain so we can discuss this matter further" look.. unfortunately I must not have conveyed my look well enough, because regarding the lesbian circumstance, he felt as though my look actually was a "hey, I like their style, what say we go into the bath house and engage in a little of that ourselves" look. he was disgusted, so I was able to catch him during a leg set later, and after he shouted "shit fool, I ain't no ass pirate." I was finally able to clear the air and let him know that I, too was put off by the abundance of "rug indulgers" in our gym. Well anyways, I was able to make my way over to the free weights away from them, but no sooner than I start my set of shoulders, wouldn't you know, Johnny Ass-Clown is there to step directly in front of my mirror path and start his own set of throwing 10 lb weights around in an un-orderly fashion. Well I'm not gonna lie, I had just about had it at this point. I walk over to my new Afro-American acquaintance and, so Mr. Clown can hear, belt out the following: "I feel ya man, I get away from those two 'lick-her' licensees and I get over hear and this jokeshow gets right in my way." Ass-Clown hears this, but he is a cocksucker, so naturally he exits stage left and Jamal and I have our area to ourselves again.

Coming soon, more Gyminutes, and a 3 part series on women, including all the hot topics; feminists, driving, cell phone usage, and military.... So as to not offend my readers that lack a y chromosome, please be aware that no one is safe on my blog, because I am writing about these certain topics DOES NOT mean I will be ripping into them, Keep an eye on the blog to see where I stand on these controversial issues.. Some of my stances may surprise you!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Native American Neverland

As many of you have probably noticed, I hate a few things. Not to the point that I get beside myself, but maybe to the point of placing toothpicks under fingernails to get my mind off the hatred. Main things I hate include but are not limited to; Stella, MTV, Emo kids, baggy jeans, tight jeans (exception, jason), but now I get to perhaps my number one; Native Americans. Or as I like to call them, the country's greatest con artists. First of all, anyone born here in America should be considered 'native' to the land, no? Yet somehow these ill-tempered, pseudo environmentally conscious faggots are the only ones with that label. Then we have the liberals, who celebrate the indigenous peoples as if they were a living, breathing version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet." "They are so in tune with nature." "They are so kind and thoughtful." "they are always peaceful." Well they are in tune with nature partly because they haven't fully evolved into intelligent beings as of yet. They are certainly not kind, ever been through a part of Indian territory in today's United States? You will be lucky to get out with your leg, let alone your wallet and Ipod. And peaceful? tell that to the settlers with their scalps nailed to a post somewhere west of Muskogee.
Back to the Indian territories. Stumble upon one and what will you find? Bars, a dirt casino, whores, and if your their on the right day, probably a kid hanging from a light pole with his belt. A study of one reservation showed that 30% of teens aged 14-19 had attempted or seriously thought about suicide, couple this with the fact that out of every 100,000 Natives, about 40 will kill themselves, and one starts to realize how ridiculous this whole culture is. and come to think of it, who wouldn't at least think about it? you live i a tent, around dirty people, have no goals in life, and you get offended when you see even the smallest version of the tomahawk chop on tv. Which is a nice segue into the next point. Why get offended at a team called the Braves? all it does it actually make your culture seem powerful and strong. Maybe instead we could call a team the 'Drunken whinny bitches on a one way path to hell' that would be more representative of your culture, and maybe then you wouldn't be so offended. You don't see the King community up in arms over the team names in LA, and Sacramento. And I have never met a Cowboy bitter towards Dallas, or Wyoming. But yet, and an effort to draw sympathy from the queer liberals, we see the Native Americans (who are probably just pissed that they don't have any good athletes) outraged at a team named the "Seminoles."
Last thing now. If I hear one more time that we took their land, I will simply murder the person spewing such idiocy. They weren't even using it, they were subsistence farming it, and if not for us, NYC would be a goat pasture. They (like the Africans) when left alone can not function for themselves, as usual the WASP must come in and do everyone's thinking, building roads, schools for education, markets for food, etc. Shouldn't have put up such a fight, when the English came over. And for people that feel sad they were massacred; I feel sorry too, but thats just the time period, every man was trying to get the best for his family and people, they had to fight for themselves to find a place to live. And if that meant killing some people that were already firing arrows in their direction.... you probably had to do it. I know I tried to fit too much stuff into one, and wrote this stream of consciousness, but thats kinda the deal, if you take issue with anything, I will be happy to clarify.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hockey story

All of you waiting patiently for the Native American bit, wait one more day, as I found the greatest piece of audio ever. Can't find a way to get the audio on here, so I will give you the text version... Hockey people, enjoy:

"So our day begins at the golf course, where I've been battling in the Lindy Ruff all day. We call it quits and head into the clubhouse for some Bob Beers and Kelly Buchbergers. After crushing many drinks we decide to hit the local night club to check out some Karl Dykhuis and Joe Nieuwendyk's. I noticed I was getting eyeballed by some Neil Shehee and she had a bit of a Doug Weight problem. A real Jamie McCowan. I thought to myself; I can't stoop this Patrick Marleau. She wanted to take off, and I wasn't sticking around for the ugly lights to come on, so I paid the Rick Tabaracci and hopped into a Thomas Kaberle. I took her back to my Phil Housley where things got a little hot and steamy. She geared down and not to my surprise, her Cary Tacca was a bit Mike Ricci and Jason Wooley. I decided she needed a Bill Barber, pulled out my Donald Brashear's and shaved her down to the Randy Wood. She then proceeded to trim my Harry Snepps. I reacted quickly and popped her Don Cherry, but she was to Ken Dryden, so I flipped her over, grabbed my Hacken Loog and threw it in her Curtis Brown with no Ty Domi. She soon started to complain she was to Marty Mcsorley to go on, so I snapped, quickly showed her the Daryl Sydor, and told her maybe I'll call her Brendan morrow, needless to say she was Grant Fuhrious. The next morning I had the worst Darren Puppa, and I was Valeri Zelepukin all day. Two weeks later, I noticed a little Travis Green coming out of my Mike Babcock so I book an appointment with my doctor to get a Corey Schwab. But this isn't the end of the story, a month later I woke up and saw a little Garth Snow outside, the wetaherman said there was a 30% chance of a Theo Fleury. My car wouldn't start so I had to borrow my roommates. It's not as Chris Osgood as mine, and it takes a Roberto Luongo time to start. When I went into his room to get the keys there was that same Rick Brodsky with my roomate. She was sucking on his Mike Peca while Esa Tikkanen his temperature with her finger. I said Buddy, don't do it, that Butch Goering has the fans clapping, I think she picked it up in Paul Kariya. But he wouldn't listen to Marty Reasoner, so I said keep up the Manny Legace.

Tommorow: Native Americans.. what exactly will I say about them??????

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jean Jambalaya

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Quick hit: Look tommorow for a great post concerning native americans. sure to be explosive and controversial!
Also check out An approved blog

The newest show to achieve greatness: Over There- FX.... Check it out

Now, jeans. oh jeans. Why oh why do men consist on wearing jeans that 1.) hang off the ass, and could fit three skinny Nigerian legs inside just one jean leg. or 2) are so tight that the outline of their 'guy' is evident for everyone to see and judge. Baggy jeans-Bitch, I will kill you, and then I will steal your pot and sell it, buying an aluminum bat with the profit, I will then find you again, and beat the shit out of your dead carcass. tight jeans- Fucking queer, I don't care if "My Chemical Romance" is playing Trees tonight, you aren't going to make it, your so gay, lets see how you like this ethnic D up inside you. Jeans should fit comfortably on the waist, snug on the quad's and loose on the lower leg. And girls, Please, if you can't fill out the jean, don't wear it. I don't want to see some kind of baggy look in the glute and hamstring. please buy a pair of jeans that fit. tight jeans are for girls, not pussy emo guys
And girls.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This is why I believe anyone ugly/worthless shouldn't be allowed to breed Ugly people extravaganza Posted by Picasa

School Musings

So school is here causing everyone to ask the question, "why, why is it neccesary?" Well the answer is, it isn't. School, the way it is now taught is beneficial only to achieve a sort of 'pass' to college. No sort of knowledge retention is required, The level of education has been dumbed down to a level so so even the ethnics can ace the tests, and the information learned is less crucial for us in every day life than a Jordan throwback is to a duck hunt. Being forced to remember dates, and names, but not being forced to truly even understand what was accomplished, or who accomplished it is the wrong way to go about learning.

Robin Hood is to be taken off the table, and thank the good lord it's finally happening. How tired I am of hearing that Duncanville got new laptops, and Grand Prarie built a new football stadium, while over here in Plano and Highland Park, The success of their parents forces students to print out their own calendars, and pay 75$ for parking. Meanwhile, Jamal and Manuel have new Apple Ipod's to keep them busy before their football game in which they will be wearing the latest in protection technology from Schutt, and Nike.

I Hate Emo kids. Thats all, I just fucking hate 'em

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hell- where most people are headed

I haven't checked the latest census from Hell, but I assume that the ol prince of darkness is starting to run out of room in his barracks. In the past months, I have witnessed some of the dirtiest, immoral, inhumane acts that I have ever seen. They make me embarassed to be a part of the human race. I'm not going to delve into too much detail but for example one incident involves 2 men, a girl, a pool, and a floating raft, while another involved 5 men, one girl, a shower, and a boatload of tears. Why you ask would men do such a thing? Well I contest many do things like that only because they have no choice, they know it's wrong, but they are also wired to think that they must do it. It's a sort of 'King of the Jungle' mentality. 'I VERBED her while she was VERBING Gino's REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN, then we both VERBED her while she was VERBING... etc' then another guy hears this and feels as though he must top it. It's an awful, cycle which undoubtedly will lead to the end of the world, and when God comes down, it appears to me he won't have enough people to ride all the white horses which he will bring, because Satan will have already claimed most of our population for his own club. The worst part about this though is the girls. which gets me to my main point. Most girls are not mature enough to be out of the sight of their parents or guardians for more than 10 minutes, they cant protect themselves or think for themselves. Look, guys will do anything to be able to 'get with girls' it's in their nature. It is your job, (if you don't want to be treated as trash) to act as though you are a decent human being. Don't complain about some guys when you come over to some place hoping to get blasted by 4 different guys. Its terrible. Now for those of you that have already thrown away the opportunity to be a quality, clean somewhat pure individual, don't worry about this; you can't go back now, you are dirt and I feel sorry for your future husband. However for those of you that haven't sold your soul, know this; go ahead and 'eff', it should happen... but maybe keep it to one if not two others. However, openly inviting 3 other guys to join you, and violate your very morality is your own fault, and I hope you feel like a dirty no good worthless garbage slutwhorebagbitch when you do it. I think Satan is looking at expanding his property anyways, I am sure he can find room for you. And Just think when you are a little older, and you can actually think for yourself, you have totally wasted away all of any innocence you had, now, you are a pawn in all of man's game of chess, you have lost the battle after not putting up a fight. Your parents think they brought you up right, and they probably did, but if they only knew what a sorry excuse for a daughter you have become. You still call your father "daddy" and your mother "mommy".. And by day you still hug your father and thank your mom for making you lunch, but by night, the inhibitions are lowered and you are just looking to get railed by 3, 4 maybe 5 guys. I hate writing this cause most guys will think I am a pussy, and most girls will get offended. To the guys: It wont change anything, and I'm not screwing anything up for you, I'm just trying t provide some sense of morality, and give these girls something to think about the next time they kiss their grandmother with the same lips inside which were 3 D's the night before. And girls: If this doesn't apply then congratulations, but if it does apply I am sure you'll go on doing the same thing... which is fine- Satan will never close his doors, and many guys will always accept whores.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Suggestions?/ Quick Hits

The Blog enjoys an intense number of readers, and that number is growing every day, thanks in part to readers like you. Feel free to continue to let others know about the blog by way of mouth/aim/etc.

Also, something bugging you? Go through some kind of situation that really set you off, but you don't really have a way of conveying your message? Get in touch with me via whatever means necessary, and I will certainly consider executing a piece on the matter.

Quick Hits Just a small segment where I voice my take on certain issues, no explanation needed; I said it, so that should be good enough for you

TO is wrong for holding out
Hines Ward is right in holding out
Congress should stay out of sports issues
The media is the ONLY thing holding back the NHL from exploding into a huge phenomenon
High school hockey in Texas is a joke, anyone who says "I play varsity for..." is most likely not an effective player
I hate Tom Cruise
I (insert any word opposite of hate here) Scarlett Johansson
There shouldn't be political parties, just individuals, and 'Americans'
If anyone is wondering what a 'perfect' being looks like, Maria Sharapova is the closest thing
Presidents don't fight the war because they are the fucking president
Native Americans can fuck themselves (more to come on this topic)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I effing hate Hollister

Made a quick visit to Hollister yesterday, but before I could even make it inside I vomited all over my clothes, and others around me. Not that I haven't been in or seen it before, but for some reason the pseudo beach house exterior really got to me this time. Protruding out into the mall-goers path, fake plants, and the icing on the cake; the two option opening. As far as I could tell, there is now way to decipher which direction would be the one for me. I certainly wouldn't want to make the wrong choice, however, as there are a total of 4 (four) generic Hollister employees just hanging out in front of the 'choose your destiny' entrance. Why 4? at classy stores i.e. Bacharach, there are two workers- total. They help you if you need it, and they say hi to you. Anyways, I don't want to make the wrong choice in fear of what the 4 employees might think. "Rookie" "Newbie" "faggot", I could hear all the name calling if I were to make the improper choice. Well as I approach the door, and all four of the employees are able to conduct their random generic coached sentence, consisting of "hey, whats up." And after I have answered each one individually, I finally duck in the left side. Wow, really dodged a bullet there- now it's time to grab a pair of jeans. After fighting through 5...FIVE! more employees its on to the second vestibule. Why vestibules? every legitimate store in the world is one big store, easily laid out for the casual shopper. Here at Hollister it isn't that simple, no you must fight your way through the hoardes of workers who look somewhat like the people that shop there; very generic and overly affable-but only because they are forced to- then and only then can you move to your next challenge of moving to a new vestibule. Another trick Hollister like to play is to throw an item in multiple vestibules, this way one can lose track of where they have seen the item. I have broken down my train of thought while in Hollister to illustrate the absolute mental anarchy it creates inside each and every one of us. What is actually said is bolded.
"good lord, shut up. what is that guy even doing? why are there so many people folding clothes, I can't even get to those jeans, oh well, don't want to look like i'm not 'chill' enough, so I guess I wont get them. Hey, not much. Hey, I'm doing fine. Hey thanks. just fuck off, come on why are all these people talking to me, I just want jeans. where are the straight leg jeans? In the back vestibule? Fuck, now I have to get all the way back there, maybe she won't see me...DAMN IT Hey Not much unbelievable. Ah these shorts are nice, let me look for my size NO, no thank you, I don't need your help, I am just going to grab my size Back off queer, and put your fucking collar down, you look like a walking cliche. Alright, great a pair my size, now all I have to do is get to the back vestibule to grab the jeans. hide behind this plant until she walks by..go go! alright, I skipped a whole vestibule without being bothered. my lord the music is loud here, what is this, a club scene? turn it down, i can hardly hear myself think here. Hey, yes I would find everything fine if you would just leave me the fuck alone! oh my bad sorry wait, these shorts are nice, and my size, too. Damn it,I already got them from vestibule one, but the music is so loud I lost train of thought, now I can;t put them back, I'll look stupid. and I cant go try them on cause then I'll look like some rookie who doesn't know his size, and If I don't come out with both pair it will look like I messed up on one size, and I can't buy both cause then I wont be able to return it then they'll think I screwed up from the get go, or maybe even stole them and now Im trying to pull one over on them. So I have to wait till they are all not looking..FIRE point that way, set shorts down oh wow guys, sorry, just a smoker exhaling wow, great, only one pair now. now to the jeans.......etc."

Thats all you are thinking, the semi normal person helping me said they had as many as 40 workers in there yesterday FORTY. Are they fucking nuts? you don't need 40 workers, it's only Hollister. I can't wait until that store meets its end

Monday, August 01, 2005

Raffy, say it ain't so

So Rafael Palmeiro was suspended today for steroid use. Raffy issued this gem today; "I never intentionally used steroids. Never." How many people believe him? Of all the people in professional baseball, I would say that Raffy would be the last person I would suspect of using performance enhancing drugs. But now this begs the question; "If Raffy's doin it, then who else?" This leads me to believe that maybe Jose Canseco isn't so nuts after all. In his book he pointed out Palmeiro, among many other players, used steroids. At first it was dismissed. "This guys nuts, there's no way all these guys are juicing." Now after Raffy has been found guilty, we think everyone's doing it. The question know is, do we even care? I care a little, it seems to tarnish a players' legacy when you know they were cheating for possibly their entire career. But I don't care enough to quit watching the game thats for sure. See, I and many Americans like watching big men crush the ball 500 feet. Quite honestly, as long as I don't know everyone's doing it- I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. If we were given the laundry list of names of players who do, or have used roids, we'd probably be really disappointed, and quit watching. But what we don't know can't hurt right? The media makes it out to be a huge story that all the fans are offended by, but I disagree. I know it is a huge story, especially with someone like Raffy who just collected his 3,000th hit, but am I going to really despise Raffy now, absolutely not. Steroids are different than cocaine/marijuana etc. Those drugs are viewed as inhibitors to a player's performance, while steroids are most certainly facilitators. I think the average fan just looks at it as cheating, yes- but also a way of getting a leg up on the competition, which is why it isn't exactly acceptable, but not appalling.

Very appealing drink

oh emm gee