Sunday, July 03, 2005

TV Tidbits

The television is hot right now, with a scrumptious buffet of solid shows. How are you to decide which shows to stop down for? Luckily,you have 'Life expert' Jarrod Yost at your fingertips to show you the way this summer, as he ranks the top 5 and bottom 5 series' on television. (Note, all ESPN programming is exempt, anything they put on the air is the best., also, it is only summer shows, so great shows like The Apprentice are inelidgible.)
The best and worst will each be counted down, 5-1, in a dramatic sequence on the blog. You will see one best, and one worst released every day for the next 5. What will I rate as the best show going on TV right now? Keep logging on each day to find out

5)Hit me baby one more time-NBC- What the network says:NBC has added a new alternative series to its summer 2005 lineup with "Hit Me Baby One More Time," a one-hour competition program featuring veteran music hit-makers who will each perform their greatest hit -- as well as cover a popular contemporary song -- with the favorite to be determined by audience voting, beginning Thursday, June 2 (9-10 p.m. ET).
All three episodes of the series will be hosted by Vernon Kay, who also hosted the British version on ITV.
The announcement was made by Craig Plestis, Senior Vice President, Alternative Programming & Development.
"This exciting new series will reunite the audience with some of their favorite classic musical performers and groups who will play their hits and then compete against each other in an entertaining battle of the bands," said Plestis.
Also included in "Hit Me Baby One More Time" will be background packages on what made the hit-makers famous as well as updates of their current lives and careers.
Kay is a veteran host (or "presenter") in the United Kingdom whose credits include "Head Jam" and "Boys and Girls." He also appeared as himself in the feature film "Shaun of the Dead."
The new series joins six other original alternative series that NBC recently announced would premiere this summer.
"Hit Me Baby One More Time" will be produced by Granada America. The executive producers are Paul Jackson ("Nanny 911," "Hell's Kitchen"), Curt Northrup ("Celebrity Fit Club," "America Princess"), Michael Agbabian & Dwight D. Smith ("Last Comic Standing," "Weakest Link"), Daniel Soiseth ("Hell's Kitchen," "Big Brother 4") and Stewart Morris ("Brainiac," "Million2One")

What I say: This show is a must see for anyone intelligent and witty. It's always fantastic to work an obscure musical reference into a joke, and this show sure has its fair share of obscurity. Who doesn't want to see Haddaway and Vanilla Ice? The only beef I have is the obviously coached audience-there is no way they should be that excited for Tommy Tutone. and the tired, cliched, Euro host, which we have seen far too much of lately, grates on you a bit.

WORST: Stella-Comedy Central
What the network says:Stella features the comedic trio of Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain as three characters whose travels through everyday life are unlike anything else on television. With a perfect blend of cleverness and absurdity, Stella satirizes everyday experiences like finding an apartment, hanging out at a coffee shop, going camping and trying to meet women. What are common, normal situations for most people quickly end up in the most unexpected realms when these guys are at the helm.
Even though they're always dressed in suits, their maturity level doesn't always fit their attire. These modern day Marx Brothers spread their non-sensical comedy to everyone they meet and everywhere they go. Their sensibilities are tinged with both sarcasm and wit; the characters, and the show in general, find a way to be both smart and sophomoric.

What I Say:
This show,which absolutely sucks, is shockingly an improvement from the trio's stand up routine, which reminds one of a poor, low budget time waster that the school district would hire to entertain its elementary schools. Plane students, think 'nana puddin' in suits. It is stupid, brainless, and very "wet" comedy. When watching ,you constantly find yourself saying to the characters, "yeah, I got the joke, it just wasn't funny. In fact, it fucking sucked." In fact, its so bad that when watching it with others, you feel awkward throughout the whole show
because you know everyone is thinking the same thing you do-this show is blowing it.

keep looking for #4 coming soon..


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