Tuesday, July 05, 2005

TV Tidbits: Volume dos

Helping you sort out what series' to watch this summer. (refer to original tv tidbits for groundrules).(Additional note, MTV shows will also go unranked, consider everything they put on the air the worst show on television. MTV sucks, quit watching it. seriously, the network represents the downturn of society's moral values, and intelligence level).

#4 BEST -Rescue Me-FX
What the critics say:''Rescue Me" is, among other things, an exploration of men who act like adolescent boys in the house, despite their heroics out in the field. It's all about macho suppression, the inability to ''process" feelings. But the women featured on the show are richly drawn too, as they cope with the immaturity of the men around them. Callie Thorne is formidable as Sheila, the wife of Tommy's firefighter cousin who died in the 9/11 attacks. Joined by nothing more than shared grief, Sheila and Tommy have been having an affair, and she's now pregnant. Thorne is an electric presence on the show, as is Diane fare as a female firefighters whom Chief Reilly (Jack McGee) can only bring himself to call 'the girl" instead of Laura.

Created by Leary and Peter Dolan, 'rescue Me" is yet another badge for F'S, along with ''The Shield" and ''Nip/Tuck." It's a rich series -- certainly one of the year's best --that deserves a loyal viewership. Like Leary himself, it never loses sight of comic potential, and there are laugh-out-loud exchanges in every episode. But it's a drama at heart, and a drama with a lot of heart
.-Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe

What I say: Rescue me, back for its second season is yet another home run for the up and coming F'S network. This show is for men, and it has hockey fan Dennis Leary- Which explains why I may love it so much. It's a drama with 'pop'. This show comes at you with edge, humor, profanity, and sexual innuendo. There is really nothing to dislike. It isn't 'epic', but it is very solid.

WORST: The Comeback-HBO
What the network says:Created by two of Hollywood's top comedic talents, Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Sex and the City executive producer Michael Patrick King, The Comeback is a scripted show about a woman trying to manage her unscripted life in the minefield that is television. Wrenchingly "real" and ridiculously surreal, it's a world where success and failure are often determined by age, looks, and (perhaps less frequently) sheer determination.

The new 13-episode series The Comeback begins Sunday, June 5th at 9:30 pm, which follows Season Two of Entourage. Encores of each episode will run Mondays at 10 pm and Wednesdays at 10:30 pm.

Kudrow is Valerie Cherish, a faded former sitcom star so desperate to revive her career that she agrees to be the focus of a reality TV show called The Comeback, which follows her every move as she attempts to land a part in a new network sitcom about "four sexy singles living in a condo." The Comeback (the HOB show, that is) draws back the curtain on the brutal hilarity of reality TV, the madness of network sitcoms, and the comic trials of a 40ish actress struggling to resuscitate her career and control her personal life - all under the unforgiving scrutiny of the camera.

Weaving in and out of Valerie's wake are her husband Mark (Damian Young) and her housekeeper Esperanza (Lillian Hurst), who are ill at ease sharing their lives with the voyeuristic cameras. Luckily there's Mickey (Robert Michael Morris), Valerie's jovial hairdresser, who's happy to camp it up ("I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille" he chuckles into the lenses that greet him at Valerie's front door) - that is when he's not fretting about his health benefits. Accompanying (and usually eclipsing) Valerie on the set of her new sitcom are "the kids," four scarcely-clad young singles who were in grade school when she starred in her hit series I'm It! Capturing everything for the cameras is Jane (Laura Silverman), the hard-edged reality show producer who clashes with Valerie as she struggles to control the behind-the-scenes chronicles of her unraveling life.

A show-within-a-show-within-a-show, The Comeback is an original and timely look at the humor and humiliations that often accompany the single-minded pursuit of the limelight, and what passes for entertainment and "reality" in the meat-grinder that is modern day television.

What I say: The only brutal hillarity about this show is the fact that HOB is effing themselves by airing it. Lisa Kudrow ONLY works as Pheobe, she is a 'niche actor'. Well in the show she is out of that niche, and she sucks. I was pumped to watch this, and even more pumped when it finally ended, a brutal 32 minutes later. The only bright spot is Esperansa the cleaning lady. She is Mexican, and can't speak English, so we can't hear any lines come out of her mouth that don't work, and aren't funny; which is all we hear from Kudrow, who absolutely blows it in this show.

Best: 5)Hit Me Baby One More Time- NBC
4)Rescue Me-FX
WORST:5)Stella-Comedy Central
4)The Comeback-HBO


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