Monday, July 25, 2005

MTV Minutes

Meet MTV, where every show is the worst show ever created. In fact, I am now convinced that the executive of MTV has to be Satan, because only the devil would create, and air such ruthlessly absurd programming. Turn on MTV at any given time and you're likely to find a gay episode of 'Date my mom'. In this episode a gay man embarks on dates with mothers of other 'queers'. Not only is the premise disgusting, the show itself takes every opportunity to show the gays 'making out', and talking of previous gay fornication encounters. How about a gay or lesbian room raiders? or a gay/lesbian Next? You name it, MTV has done it. In a statement, 'If it's immoral and disgusting, MTV has done it.' But yet we continue to view its programming. Maybe it's because we are shocked by what it brings. Maybe it is because now all the sudden we are 'ok' with gays being portrayed in the media as 'strong' and even 'heroic'. I don't know what it is that is causing us to allow and even celebrate such intolerable behavior being embraced by MTV, but for now you can do your part by simply not watching. Starting a new movement- "keep the queer outta here".

MTV has the gay, we know, but it also has the stupid. The Andy Milonakis show? what the eff is this honestly? It makes Stella look like Seinfeld. I don't know what it is or what it's about, I just know it sucks.
Real World is an ok premise- the first 10 times, but they have exhausted all avenues yet still continue to produce it. They also always have the gay sceneraios working for you of course. So don't watch it on a full stomach for fear of vomiting.

The only decent MTV show is perhaps MTV 2's 'High School Stories'. Why is it decent? It is without gay/liberal innuendo and ideals.


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