Sunday, July 17, 2005


the much anticipated #2 best and worst shows on summer TV are upon us

Family Guy- Fox
What the network says:Go ahead and click here

What I say: What is left to be said about this? everyone knows it, loves it, and has the DVD box set. If you don't like it, you are probably just fucking stupid, and don't understand its humor. the new episodes are just as brilliant as the old ones, and will sell even better once out on DVD. Watch out for American Dad also, as I am a huge fan, and believe it will soon be right up here in the top 5.

#2 Worst: Mind of Mencia- Comedy Central
What the network says:Carlos Mencia takes no prisoners. In Mind of Mencia, the critically-acclaimed comedian mercilessly skewers the current and the cultural, whether in the studio, in the audience, out on the street, and in commercial parodies. Enter Carlos Mencia's mind, and immerse yourself in his unique, unflinching take on the world.

What I say: Comedy Central again swings and misses with this mexican-catering program. Mencia tries to play up the whole "politically incorrect" bit throughout his entire show; sorry, Chapelle already did that. He also plays up the cliche'd 'Latino pride' angle. Which just makes you want to beat his goofy enchilda eating ass right back to Juarez. This whole show is Carlos talking about being edgy and funny, but never actually acomplidhing it. Believe me, to ge ranked lower than Stella, you have to try reallllly hard; or just simply use Mexican comedy, because thats the only program that could be worse than Stella. Well....1 of 2 that are worse

I don't really know how to describe this. just click and drag to get unstuck

What could beat Family Guy?!?! What could be worse than Stella?!?! Find out when number one rolls around


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