Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday Walk-through

GyminutesMemo to over 30 man at lifetime who plays pickup basketball. You are not back in your glory days of high school. It is not '79, and I certainly don't care if you played for Bowie High in the Texas state AAA championship. Yeah, if only coach would have put you in fourth quarter, you are sure you would have been state champs, not a doubt in your mind- Well in my mind, there are doubts, especially after watching you air mail your 3rd consecutive shot. Please, stop calling for "help-side defense," and stop attempting to draw a charge on that 7th grade kid from Renner. Also, is it really necessary to point out that the kid also took 3 steps on his way to the basket? Allen Iverson takes 5 steps on a consistent basis, it really isn't a big deal. And I know, its a really big game; in fact, the biggest game of the day for Lifetime's 'Green Court', and I am the first one to go out there and be competitive.......but Rec Specs? come on, the game isn't going to be that intense-even if you continue to dive for loose balls all game long.

Stairs; more dangerous than we think

after seeing the injury to the Rockies' rookie sensation, Clint Barmes, it got some to thinking of the risks of the staircase.What else could go wrong for the Rock

There are three common forms of stair mishaps.
1. The heel slip- This is perhaps the most common, and usually occurs when the stair goer is wearing socks, and descending the stairs. As a general rule, the thinner the sock, the more dangerous the trot. The actual slip occurs when the person gets to anxious, and doesn't land the foot entirely on the "meat" of the stair, instead only touching the heel to the edge. Thus, creating an imbalance, forcing the heel outward, often times landing the user on one's coccyx.
2.The downward miss n' jolt- This, too occurs when one is traveling faster than one should upon stairs. Often a folly suffered by younger children running down the stairs, it occurs when one misses the intended stair, and must then in mid flight attempt to land firmly upon the next stair, thus forcing one's leg to jolt.
3.The misjudge- the misjudge is the main upwards mishap, occurring when one is 'running' up the stairs. Many a time, one will attempt to skip odd stairs while running up a flight. This strategy is fine when mastered, however, stair amateurs will find that they occasionally will not be able to make the stair towards which they are striding, instead, jamming their foot into the side of the stair, and crumbling down to a level of mortality, and defeat.
The common theme here is of course: take your time. An extra 3 seconds could mean the difference in your health.

Really one must look at the stair with a sense of understanding and respect. If approached with caution, the stair can be a vital, and convenient form of vertical transportation. Always keep in mind that the stair's intent is not to curb your travels, but rather to help you reach your destination. And if respected, will almost always take you there safely.

I hate liberals
Well, at least their political ideaology

Good night/God bless


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