Monday, June 27, 2005

Surgery talk

So the whole thing went well/ according to plan. Its pretty interesting- the last I recall I was wheeled into a room with Motley Crue playing from the stereo, then I wake up 3 hours later with 4 pins in my hand , a cast on my arm, and the worst hangover man has ever experienced.

I believe that anyone living in a zone that tsunami's, or hurricanes are possible deserves whatever consequences nature deals them. We continue to have this sympathy for people who insist on coastal living. Eff 'em- You build there, you deserve to get rocked by the elements- its the risk you take. stop exhausting our federal disaster relief funds because of your stupidity. News outlets make these people look helpless, when all they are is fucking stupid. Don't look to me for sympathy anymore.

Oh my.........

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