Sunday, June 12, 2005

Spurs mop floor with a bunch of spares

Spurs dominate the Pistons to win game 2. Right now the Pistons look like the Clippers, and appear to have no business even playing on the same surface as the mighty Spurs. However, going back to Auburn Hills, and The Palace (A name in which by the way suits Detroit, as the only thing they have to be proud of is their somewhat mediocre sporting venue) could cause a shift in momentum. But lets hope not. I for one hope the Pistons take two of three in Detroit, facilitating a game 6 finals win (which I will be attending if in fact the game 6 is played).

Please do not fill your damn waterbottle in my fountain. I am actually working out here, and I need the water. Once you are done filling your gallon bottle, with some faggoty handle on it, all the cold is gone. I not only need the water, I deserve it to be cold and you are depriving me of that privilege.

Expect a new piece soon on women driving while talking on cell phones, I am gathering data and documenting trends, look forward to it


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