Wednesday, June 22, 2005

San Antoni-notes

Well as hard as it will be to type with only one hand, i will do it for you tonight.
As you know I traveled down to Sa(pronounced 'say') town for game 6. I'll be real honest, I was expecting nothing less than a world championship, and an endless night of Riverwalk partying with my fellow Spurs fanatics. Well, I'll be a black aviator, they lost. My boys effing blew it, Tim, Manu, and Bob especially, all forgot their game, and decided to play like it was november, and not late June. However, it was a great experience, and I loved every minute of the trip. I love Taco Cabana, and there are 17,000 in the Greater San Antonio area, so that alone created great excitement. The SBC center is pure greatness. Outside pregame is unreal- one big fiesta. Music, excitement, chants- I was effing pumped.These people love their team, every truck has a Spurs logo, or an outline of manu's face. Inside, the fiesta continues, as shades of the Alamodome can be seen throughout. Pink, yellow, green adorn the walls with pride. I was able to get some sick merchandise as well, in one of the many stores. The bowl seating is smaller, and intimate- which makes it greatness. his game had by far the best atmosphere of any sporting event I have ever witnessed. God's team will prevail tommorow, and my boys will grab the ship. Would love to share some anecdotes, but I really can't type anymore. I will be grabbing my surgery tommorow, so Im hoping that goes swimmingly.


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