Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday milk n' cookies

So over the weekend you may have missed the intense press coverage of the world's most unimportant sport; unless you opened your eyes, of course. Yes, all weekend long, with nothing but the seemingly endless drudgery that is the Major League Baseball regular season, networks decided to go to the sports bullpen, and signal for the underhand throwing spare that is women's softball. I don't know who is watching this, but I would have to assume that many of the viewers could be placed into the following group; The lesbian. Now I'm not saying all softball players are lesbians... But come on, it has to be a very good percentage, many have body types that make NFL linemen jealous. I guess without hockey, ESPN will try absolutely anything to fill the void.

Rogers Rocks, Rangers Roll
The Gambler continues to baffle opposing hitters, and the Rangers continue to play good strong baseball, lighting up the Royals for 2 out of three, after losing 2 straight to Los Tigers de Detroit. CoCo shook things up a bit when he hit a batter in the ninth, then 'gestured' towards the bench of the Royals. Nice Job, CoCo, this team is now starting to play with not only skill, but also with a 'Fuck you attitude.' Very exciting to watch and see how this team develops over the course of a long season.

I hate fat people
Fat people make the world a disgusting place, I propose to draft a law deeming it 'illegal' to be overweight. Then maybe next time you would think twice about grabbing that kolache.... fat ass

Arabs working out?
Ok, nothing against the Arab people... ok, maybe a little against them, but i digress. The Arab is just not an athletic person. Try it, take your friend Punjab Arafat, and buy him an entire athletic ensemble. Nike Pro shorts, and tight fitting shirt-check. headband, check. athletic shoes-check. now take a look at him.....HAHAAHA what a gongshow. look how his shoulders droop down, and his chest goes inward. and not to mention that cute little 'stache he is sporting. I wanted to illustrate this fact because recently, while working out at my establishment, i couldn't help but notice an abundance (three) of Arab men 'working out.' I do believe, however that with a full year of working out, and eating right.......nothing would happen. Just an assortment of sweat that hints of curry.

Spurs ready to throttle pistons
More to come on this soon.... but enough can be said in the following statement; Pistons, watch the fuck out.

My sincere apologies go out to the many non-lesbian women who may in fact play softball, or any Arabs who may in fact be athletic. And also to the Detroit Pistons, and I only apologise to you because you have had a great season, and it is unfortunate that the Spurs will now have to crush you.

wow, do I hate dimes now


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