Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A cup of Tuesday's tea

Tommorow: Look for the most anticipated list in the history of the Sports/Fitness,etc. blog: The annual "All that is man" list. Showcasing the famous persons that exemplify everything every man wants to be. Will there be surprises, upsets? Find out tommorow.. Also, in the coming days, look for the "All that is woman" list. Which will include everything all men want in a woman. log on to find out which famous women make the list

You were probably listening to the Frisco Roughriders broadcast last night for the post-game show. But in case for some reason you didn't catch it; here is cliff notes version of the show. I was able to grab some air time with the premiere of my "player interview/ clubhouse correspondent" portion of the show. I spent a quality five minutes talking with my good friend Shane Bazzell about his dominating performance out of the starters role. This is only the start of my on-air domination, where soon I will be part of the game-crew. But until then, tune into the post-game show, and sometimes (when I decide to show up) you will hear my sweet voice.

The 'first place' Texas Rangers continue to impress, winning as I watch the Tigers record the final out... having one nine straight until tonight. Begging the question, "Is this team ever going to cool off? Or are they just that good." I propose it is something in between. They obviously can't keep hitting at this torrid pace, but I do believe it is a sign that this team has matured greatly, and with a little help from a depleted bullpen (Danny Graves???), the Rangers could eek out a division win, or wild card bid.

Today's philosophic observation: Men have known this since the dawn of time, however woman have denied it since the inception of the spoken word. However I am here once and for all to utilize scientific evidence, and state that woman only care about money, and nothing else. While conducting my research I went to the Tom Thumb supermarket at Park and Dallas Parkway (tollway). I conducted preliminary research in the parking lot, surveying the vehicles: Mercedes, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus... "Wow", I thought to myself, "There must be a lot of highly successful business men in this store." Upon entrance I found myself to be not only mistaken, but so egregiously off base that I was embarrassed. I found myself immersed in an endless sea of women with Addias visors, short athletic shorts, hair in pony tail, sunglasses up on head, and a little boy named Cooper next to their side. I wondered, "hmm, it is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, what could all of these generic, good looking moms be doing shopping, when they obviously have important jobs paying them salaries with which they must use to pay for such expensive vehicles." Waiiiit a minute, these good-looking women don't even have jobs! "Well, maybe all of their husbands are good looking, nice, sensitive men." I thought to myself as I wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. It just so happened that a couple of these women were with their husbands, and as my notes concur; they werent much to look at. And men, unlike women, are the first ones to admit if a guy is "good-looking".. or "has something going for him." Its not gay, in fact, its as far from it as one can get, because it shows mental stability, and confidence in one's own appearence. But excuse me, I'm getting off track. Anyways, these men are not only nerdy looking, but sometimes overtly disgusting. But, is it any wonder she is with him? She is carrying a Louis Vuitton hand bag, and wearing the latest in "want to look fit even though I can't fit working out into my "busy schedule" that involves; bitching about having to cook occasionally, and calling the maids several times a day to let them know what they missed in the 3rd living room" fashion. She doesn't have a job, yet has everything she could possibly want... except happiness.. Once in this position of being wed to a man she never really loved, just loved his net worth, most woman find themselves feeling unfulfilled. It appears like the perfect life, nice big house, cute little kid, rich husband, country club membership; But what has this woman actually accomplished for herself? She, not the man, has treated her like a possession, rather than a person.


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