Friday, May 27, 2005

What do people belonging to the "White Trash" classification eat?

Aerosol cheese
Any generic product with just the name of it on a white label
Any meat item that has cheese already embedded in it
Anything from Sizzler Steak House (or any other buffet steak house)
Anything purchased at Piggly Wiggly food stores
Beer Nuts
Belt-buster or steak finger basket from Dairy Queen
Big League Chew bubble gum
Boiled peanuts
Bologna (if it is fried it doubles it’s whitetrashness)
Breakfast at a waffle house – especially steak & eggs
Cheese Balls rolled in nuts (that string of words alone is white trash!)
Cheese n crackers with the little red stick to spread the cheese
Cheez Whiz
Chili flavored chips
Chocolate Camel cigarettes (smoking training wheels for white trash kids)
Cooking bacon for just the grease to cook greens
Corn dogs
Corn Nuts
Cottage cheese accompanied with a canned, heavily-syruped fruit
Deviled ham
Eating a chunk of cheese by itself
Evaporated milk or cream with peaches and sugar
Plain white rice with milk and sugar
Kip’s Big Boy diners
Fish sticks
Fizzies (those flavored tablets you could add to water to create double fake soda
Fried pork chops
Frito chili pie
Fritos and bean dip
Fritos by themselves
Funny faces powdered flavor that white trash used instead of Kool-Aid
Generic mustard
Golden Flake, Tom’s, or Lance brand candies and chips
Grape soda
Gravy for breakfast
Grilled cheese with Miracle Whip
Cheese and crackers with Miracle Whip
Hambone for said greens n’ grease
Hamburger Helper
Hotdogs wrapped in bacon
Hungry Man frozen dinners
Hush puppies
Kings Cola (hard to find)
Lucky Strike smokes
Macaroni and cheese with franks
Moon Pies (especially with a RC Cola)
Peanut butter and jelly (from one jar) with potato chips ON the sandwich
Peanuts when eaten from a can in one sitting
Pepper sauce
Pickle in a bag (or jar) from a gas station
Pickled baby corn
Pickled okra
Pickled onions, eggs, pickles, pigs feet, pig ears…hell, everything PICKLED!!!
Pimento cheese
Pop Tarts (especially generic toaster pastries)
Pork and beans
Pork ‘n Beans
Pork rinds
Potato chips on a sandwich
Powdered milk
President’s Choice Brand
Purple-hull peas
Red Dog
Red draw (beer and tomato juice)
Red-dyed welfare hotdogs
Rice crispy bars
Generic cereal that just says cereal on the white box with black letters
Slim Jim & cheese
Sloppy Joes
Space food
Store bought cakes and cookies that have a holiday theme
Store brand or Blue Bunny ice cream.
Strawberry milk
Stuckey’s pecan roll
Thousand Island dressing
Tuna fish
Turkey legs
Turnip greens or any “greens” for that matter
Vienna Sausage (AKA “Monkey Dicks”)
Thanks to Gordon Keith who compiled much of this list


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