Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday Brunch

I have decided to put off "GPHS Graduation notes Part Deux" until tommorow, as today was filled with too many things of which I needed to make note.

My Roughriders spilt their doubleheader with the Springfield Cardinals, however I was forced to make the following observations:
What is it with the Black Dominican and the un-tucked jersey. I don't know how they do it down in Santo Domingo, but they look fucking stupid. I don't know how it isn't against the rules.
Note to Roughriders entertainment staff.(And by the way, I already made the staff aware of my complaint. During the Memorial weekend fireworks display it is appropriate to play your first song choice, "Born in the USA." However, Green Day's "American Idiot", just because it says "American", can not be deemed appropriate. As a general rule, it can be noted that playing a song mocking American culture, during a celebration of said culture, could be viewed as overwhelmingly absurd.

Why do the limes on the Pepsi commercial speak with a Jamaican accent? Is it a widely accepted idea that citrus fruits-if granted the ability to talk-would be Jamaican?

more "Gyminutes"
I have decided that Lifetime fitness is more of a 3-ring circus/ gongshow than a gym. It's great that it has ammenities, but children should not be allowed, let alone f-ing parites. And do not attempt to remove me from the court when I am busy practicing my jumpshot. I actually pay money for my membership, and deserve the right to use that court whenever I feel the urge. Do not tell me that Cooper Hastings, a 9 year old student at Brinker Elementary needs the gym so his little party group can play some half-ass form of volleyball.
Memo to most Lifetime trainers. I know more than you about fitness. Your one day class about "general health" doesn't give you the right to walk around the place and attempt to acquire business by trying to tell people the "proper" way to do a certain excercise. And why are you wearing a life jacket? well, at least it accentuates your lack of any discrenable muscle mass. Fuck you.

Look.. I'm really sorry. I tried, I watched it again, and I really, really want to like the Royal Tenenbaums. But I can't. I love the cast so much, and I laughed a lot-I really did. For the most part, it is my kind of humor, but Wes Anderson is just not my type of film maker.

one graduation note today: Major props to whomever was salutatorian at Grand Prairie. She concluded her speech by thanking our creator for the gifts with which he had granted her, and calling on us all to do the same for ourselves. It must be noted that God is the guiding light which we must always remember to follow


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