Friday, May 27, 2005

Rangers Notes

I recently attended the Rangers mauling of the cellar-dwelling Kansas City Royals, here are some game observations:

Thumbs down to the Texas Rangers concession staff
Dollar dog night is great, it's quite possibly the only time in sports concessionry that one actually receives close to a fair amount of refreshment, in return for the advertised fee. However, on such a glorious occasion, one must understand that many a ballpark goer will purchase at least one of these hot dogs. Knowing this, a logical person would think to place 10-20 dogs up front, ready to be whisked away due to their incredible value. This brings me to my situation, in which I am only 4 persons back in a line, yet somehow manage to miss an entire innning as a result of what I like to call, "Un-supervised, mentally challenged workers", or "USMCW"'s. Now I am a big advocate of the MCW, but when they work by themselves, they tend to have some troubles keeping up with the fast paced environment of a real world situation. No worries, just enter in a manager to watch over them- This strategy was not employed by the Texas Rangers, as many fans were forced to miss much of the game, because the USMCW's could not figure out to have enough hot dogs ready to go, on dollar hot dog night.

Thumbs Up To the Rangers
They took care of business against the two worst teams in major league baseball, sweeping the 'Stros, and Royals. If this team really wants to compete with the big boys, these games are must wins. Now lets see if they can keep it going as the White Sox roll into Ameriquest.


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