Thursday, May 19, 2005

NBA Playoffs

My early Predictions: Spurs in 6, Pistons in 6, Heat in 4 are looking great. Mav's in 7 took a big hit yesterday as the gutless Mavericks showed that they can not just "Cowboy up" whenever they choose. The following are the list of Mavericks that Didn't show up: Dirk-The offense was there in garbage time, but not in crunch time. And, on a day in which he was named to the All-NBA's first team (a first for the Mavericks), Played ZERO defense, especially on his little buddy Steve Nash. Erick Dampier: Well, not bad defensively, but we should at least hope for him to come up with a dunk in 1 out of every 2 attempts. Finley- 1 rebound. Horrible. Again. However, All is bright for the best sports franchise in the world. The Spurs are set to dish out punishment at the Key Arena in game 6. The Sonics and their fans know its a steep hill to climb.


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