Sunday, May 22, 2005

More NBA

In game 6, the Phoenix Suns-led by Steve Nash- were able to upend the Dallas Mavericks-led by.....well no one- to move on to the Western conference finals against the team that will eventually win it all-the San Antonio Spurs. With a rookie coach who made some rookie mistakes, and no on-court leadership, the Mavericks were destined to fail in this series, even though it seemed as if they had an opportunity to win in almost every game. I really like the team the Mavericks put on the court- and I don't believe they need to do anything big in the off-season, except allow these players, (and coach) to mature and grow. A couple questions to ponder: Can a player like Jerry Stackhouse emerge as the leader of this team next season? Will Michael Finley come off the bench, due to his ineffective play this season in a starting role?

Nash- Unathletic?
Bill Walton had one of the greatest jackass moments in sports commentating history in game 6, when he called Steve Nash, "The most unathletic player in the NBA." Mike Tirico was there to quickly keep Bill in check, however comments like these add to the long list of reasons why Bill Walton is the second worst basketball announcer on the air today. (see Doug Collins for who is # 1).

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