Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial day minutes

Lets see, Memorial day, are you all set up? "Burgers, check. Soft drinks, check, chips, check. Boat, check, friends to hang out with, check. Watersports gear, check. But what could I possibly be forgetting, Yost?" Uh I don't know, maybe the whole reason for this F-ing holiday! The F-ing troops! We really don't celebrate this holiday as we should, instead of making it about giving thanks for the largest sacrifice a man/woman can make, we just use it as an excuse to party, or go out and get brewed. I for one didn't omit from my day the troops of now and the past, lets hope you didn't either.

Lake notes: Ok, so after my celebration of the troops, I did in fact do the generic lake thing. But only to fish in the piece and quiet.... But wait, I couldn't because of the fucking jetskiers. The Sand Bass are schooling, what is the only way on God's green earth that I would not be able to haul them in by the bucketful? Some jackass on a Seadoo after 12 Michelob's. Honestly, I'm in a cove, get out of my personal space, you piece of shit. I hope you cut in front of a 22' Malibu, and get cut right the fuck in half.
I also believe a great idea for a reality TV show would be "Boat Ramp Jackasses." Upon boat purchase, you don't have to take any kind of class on launching a boat.... But some should be forced too. Every time I go to the lake I get 10 minutes of entertainment out of watching some Johnny-Pencil-Pusher attempt to put his boat in the water. Harder than it looks, jackass? Allow me to help...wait, you don't want my help? well you should, because I just launched my own boat,(which by the way is a full 5 feet larger than yours), from this very same ramp no more than 5 minutes ago. But you do say that you've "got it" so I will just get out of your way, and watch the wind continue to carry your boat away from the shoreline while you park your truck. Thats right, it floated from the sandbar, and wait, you want a ride? you cant fucking have one, I'm on my way to fish........fucker. This is pretty much one example of every day at the boat ramps.

Spurs lose
Only a minor speed bump on the path to a championship, the Spurs fell at home, thanks in part to a monster dunk by black basketball star Amare Stoudemire. Look... I am not going to do a real report about the game, because it was an aberration. It isn't even real. Don't worry abut it.

Good night... and God bless


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