Thursday, May 19, 2005

ITC. Invitational

Initial word out of ITC-Richardson is that the July tournament is going to be nothing short of explosive. Kevin Smith captains the defending champion Islanders, with Cosmo Clarke, Steve Lamere, and a host of Alliance coaches. The North stars are back, and much improved, this time with the help of Craig Ludwig and Lyle Odelein to go along with the cast of skilled forwards already on the roster. The Channel 4 News Team is an interesting entry. Daryl Dee captains this squad headlined by Chris Nicolau and Jarrett Runey. This team has a lot of firepower, but many experts expect that the lack of grit on the roster could prove costly. The Madhatters are the darkhorse. With tons of grit and size,(Mewett, Robbins, Edwards, Van Lare), to go along with their speedy, skilled forwards, (Zawacki, Blackwell, Clark, Beck,this team seems to have the perfect ingredients for a tasty meal. This tournament promises to be exciting... More to follow on the other clubs entered


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