Thursday, May 26, 2005

Annual Soccer report

This may not be too popular, and I may lose all credibility as a sports guy, but I am going to talk soccer for a brief minute. (If you think about it, i should just gain credibility, due to my ultra wide range of sports knowledge). After viewing the finals of the European Cup, I found myself in awe of the magnitude of this event. After doing their best to lose it, Liverpool was able to come back from 3-0 to tie AC Milan at 3. After 2 unfathomable saves by Liverpool keeper Jerzy Dudek towards the end of extra time, the Livies completed the greatest comeback in the history of soccer by winning the game on penalty kicks. Aside from the largest game in the world being decided on somewhat of a skills comp. This game was as perfect as could be. The crowd, the atmosphere, the competition, the play- all were absolutely out of this world. And for someone like myself, who would rather watch Saved by the Bell re-runs than a normal soccer match, to be so enthused by one game- One can only imagine the excitement for those Euro's over such a simple game. And although I was absolutely enthrawled with this match and everything surrounding it, I must close with the following statement; Soccer is still a joke.

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